Quality control & rework

Quality control

Based on many years of experience in the field of quality control, our goal is to minimize any possible occurrence of errors, reduce costs in the production process, and maximize the efficiency of all work performed.

Advantages of cooperation with DIAND TRADE s.r.o.

  • Own extensive database of workers during 15 years of activity in the segment
  • We provide services 24/7 for 1, 2, 3 or 4 shifts
  • We comply with the reaction time: 2 workers, within 10 hours we will ensure the required number of workers, based on interconnected communication and cooperation of individual organizational components of the company
  • We have created a workplace standard and 5S compliance
  • We process reports on a daily basis and ensure their availability through our customer portal
  • We communicate directly with your suppliers all over the world and will take over the entire agenda regarding the claim that has arisen
  • We will prepare work instructions based on your criteria
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The goal is also to prevent all situations in which a claim arises. In addition to high-quality workers, we offer our clients a quick reaction time and high flexibility. We will help identify various defects in the production process on components or finished products, through input, interoperation and output inspections.

Inspection work is carried out on the basis of work instructions, which are created in cooperation with your quality department.

We reliably identify all component defects at various stages of the manufacturing process to help our clients meet production quotas, shipping times and of course low PPM values.

Our input and output quality control provides our clients with the assurance of quality production and time to implement internal or external corrective measures, which are important for the correct setting of processes.


As part of our specialization in quality control, we also take care to provide regular information and create reports for our customers. They are always available on our website in the client area until 10:00 a.m. each following working day.


Each report includes a description of the following activities:

  • Inspection day
  • Episode number
  • Number of pieces OK
  • Number of pieces NOK
  • Records of defects by type
  • Number of repaired pieces
  • Number of hours worked
  • Identification of the customer, or responsible person
  • PPM measurement and various types of overview and graphical analyses
  • The form of the report can be modified according to your requirements
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Parts repairs

We also provide comprehensive services for the repair of parts. We will identify and remove all deficiencies and defects on components, in order to restore the value of all non-conforming products.

We use our own tools for this purpose. Method of modifying components:

  • deburring, deburring or filing various edges, surfaces/parts
  • polishing of painted surfaces/parts
  • relabeling of parts
  • repacking of parts
  • connecting individual elements of the component by gluing
  • replacement of non-functional component elements
  • dismantling the missing elements of the component
  • cleaning, degreasing, cutting off contaminated surfaces/parts
  • disassembly and replacement of non-comfortable or non-functional components
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