Interim management

Effective solutions in the field of interim management

Complex and effective solutions in the field of interim management for managerial and engineering positions. We provide the skills of proven and experienced managers to manage your projects.

Interim management

Interim management

We offer our customers exclusively experienced managers for a specifically defined period according to defined specific criteria. We will help you fully ensure the launch of new projects, the fulfillment of strategic tasks or the resolution of unpopular steps. Of course, we always monitor the entire course of work performed by managers for the highest satisfaction of the client. We work for companies with needs and goals to innovate, grow, or quickly resolve shortfalls in leadership positions.

Database with 500+ experts

We have our own internal database with 500+ experts in the field of quality management, engineering and 3D metrology. In this way, we can quickly provide our clients with a solution and our unique know-how.

Interim management
Interim management
  • Internal database containing 500+ experts in quality management, engineering, 3D metrology
  • More than 15 years of experience in the automotive and electrical industry creating unique know-how
  • Our own recruitment process with an emphasis on the rapid delivery of a quality candidate who meets the required qualifications, knowledge, skills and experience

Interim managers for your project

We bring you the executive expertise you're looking for. We will help you ensure the required product quality Through our database of experts who are ready immediately or with timing to ensure your process, located at any stage of the project.

We offer the following positions:

• Project management
• Quality managers
• SQE and CQE engineering
• Expert in 3D measurement 

Interim management
Interim management

Advantages of cooperation

  • Quick start of the process - time is saved with the search and selection of a suitable worker, because temporary managers have a lot of experience and knowledge. The temporary manager can immediately focus on the issue for which he was hired by the company.
  • A number of formalities related to the completion of the given task are eliminated
  • Fast achievement of results - temporary managers are the most qualified people for the positions they were hired for and focus on achieving the fastest results 
  • A different perspective on solutions - the temporary manager brings an external perspective to the company based on his experience, he can transfer a wide range of experience and knowledge to his work team. The interim manager does not only help with advice or recommendations, but takes full responsibility for the implementation of solutions
  • Interim management makes it possible to clearly define key goals, regularly monitor their achievement, and also measure performance.
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