We provide our clients with quality, professional and expert services. The entire offer of our services in the field of interim management, quality control, audit or logistics activities is created with an emphasis on complexity, efficiency and reliable effectiveness.

Interim management, kontrola kvality

Interim management

Complex and effective solutions in the field of interim management for managerial and engineering positions. We provide the skills of proven and experienced managers to manage your projects.

We offer our customers exclusively experienced managers for a specifically defined period according to defined specific criteria. We will help you fully ensure the launch of new projects, the fulfillment of strategic tasks or the resolution of unpopular steps. Of course, we always monitor the entire course of work performed by managers for the highest satisfaction of the client.

Internal - external audits

Our audit services and activities are for those clients who have long-lasting problems with repeated complaints, insufficient quality of processes or have a new supplier or product. We have highly qualified auditors who can identify all deficiencies in the process or product. Through the performed analysis and subsequent recommendations, we will conceptually help you direct the healing process in your company.

We offer our clients a supplier audit as well as an internal audit.

Quality control, repair and modification of parts

Based on many years of experience in the field of quality control, our goal is to minimize any possible occurrence of errors, reduce costs in the production process, and maximize the efficiency of all work performed. The goal is also to prevent all situations in which a claim arises. In addition to high-quality workers, we offer our clients a quick reaction time and high flexibility.

Logistics activities

We provide our clients with complete logistics work in industries and in the scope exactly according to your requirements and needs. Do you need logistics and warehouse operations support? Yes, you can find our support here too. We will help you eliminate problems with the implementation of logistic activities, which are demanding in terms of time planning, organization, flexibility and availability of human resources.

Expertise and quality

We strictly supervise the expertise of our workers in order to be able to ensure 100% quality of service implementation. We work exclusively with qualified workers and experts in the industry.

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