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  • For 15 years, we have been supporting our clients in critical phases of various production processes.
  • Our main vision is to provide quality certified services at a reasonable price and at a European level.
  • Our initial idea from 2008, which was the impetus for the birth of our business activities, was based on the control and sorting work of input material and final production.
  • We gradually increased our ambitions and built a greater variety of our service offer, so that mutual compatibility was created.
Diandtrade - Interim management

Interim management, kontrola kvality, audity, logistické činnosti

The result of this development process is a portfolio of services that is closely interconnected, connected to each other, with an emphasis on high-quality and sophisticated execution of the service itself.

We specialize mainly in manufacturing companies in the automotive and electrical industry, that is, an environment that we constantly try to precisely map and analyze.

Each year, which was part of our operation on the market and in a competitive business environment, brought us new experiences, trends, challenges, new qualified team members and, above all, through our reflection, the opportunity to respond to the acute needs of our clients, which are constantly oscillating in its dynamic environment.

Interim management
Interim management

Our mission

Support of our customers in critical phases and processes. Delivering solutions at critical stages of supply and customer chains with quality and sophisticated services backed by 15 years of experience in the electrical and automotive industries and the implementation of quality support solutions that help prevent cost overruns.

Our vision

Building a recognized and prosperous company providing services at the European level. Expanding and stabilizing the portfolio of services offered to our customers, so that they fulfill all needs and criteria in a constantly dynamically developing production environment.

Bringing complex solutions in the field of Interim management, audit activity, quality control and repairs and logistics activities with a narrow specialization in the automotive and electrotechnical industry, which are modeled exactly to measure for each customer.

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