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Quality Control

  1. Input Control
  2. Process Control
  3. Output Control
  4. Resident Control – Quality Resident Services

All controls/inspections and working instructions are being performed in alignment with your department of quality

Our material, measuring and recording equipment: calipers, feeler gauge, scales, magnifying glass table, grinders, drills, notebooks, scanners

Visual Control and Segregation Cracks, scratches, foreign matters, non-penetrating welds, cold
joints, adhesion failures,
duplexes, overspray,
Measuring and Calibration Basic measurement of dimensions,
length, average, thickness
and radius
Non-destructive Methods of
Control aims at the disposal
of defective parts which can
no longer be used for further
processing and subsequent

Response Time and Flexibility

slider KONTROLA   KVALITY WITHIN 90 MINUTES We are able to arrange 2 people to an inspection workplace
slider KONTROLA   KVALITY WITHIN 10 HOURS We are able to arrange required number of workers
slider KONTROLA   KVALITY 300-400 WORKERS represents the capacity of our database

+ Coordinator’s Services

Every Client will be assigned with a Coordinator who ensures staffing and technical support 24/7

Safety First

Our workers are equipped with and protected by:

  • clothing with DIAND Trade logo
  • work pants
  • safety shoes
  • gloves
  • protective goggles
  • helmet
  • ear protectors
  • protective masks
  • reflective vest
  • in case of specific workplaces, we provide ouremployees with ESD clothing and footwear


Complex documentation as per ISO regulations

Every report informs about:

  • Day of control
  • Part number
  • Number of OK
  • Number of NOK
  • Evidence of defects by type
  • Number repairable units
  • The number of hours worked
  • Identification of the Customer or responsible person
  • Measurement of PPM

The report format can be customized according to your requirements


Report distribution
by 12PM on the
following business


Process of labeling the components and packages is defined and realized in collaboration with the Client focusing on:

  • Part Number / Name
  • Date of inspection / control
  • The number of OK / NOK pieces
  • Controller
  • The number of checked / controlled items
  • Labelling is realized by means of:
    • Stamps
    • Markers of different colors
    • Stickers
    • Labels
    • Product labels

The report format can be customized according to your requirements



  • represents the company in front of the Client, addressing quality issues
  • supports the Client and ensures instant customer-responsiveness
  • communicates and analyzes problems directly with theClient
  • taking corrective action with regard to the urgency and with Client’s approval
  • monitors the status and issue solving for the Client
  • analyzes complaints
  • verifies and analyzes the defects in production with subsequent recommendations for improvement
  • provides service, performs minor repairs
  • supports and implements long-term corrective measures
  • checks recommendations
  • reports to the Company

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